We at Your Day By Me find that our customers enjoy having our services plan their event from start to finish. They enjoy not having any extra stress on them nor their family members. We understand that in todays time, everyone is on a budget of some sort. We are able to cater to those budgets, and stay within those guidelines to produce a beautiful event ever time! We specialize in low budget weddings.

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If you are needing ideas, we can sit down with you and idea hunt for you. If you are just needing Coordination or need the entire event planned, we can help! Email us today, click on CONTACT US TAB!


  • Full Wedding/Event Planning
  • Partial Wedding/Event Planning
  • Wedding Direction & Coordinating
  • Event/Party Direction & Coordinating
  • Rehearsal Direction
  • Silk Floral Decoration
  • Menu Planning & Creations
  • Budget Planning & Advice
  • Guest List Preparation
  • Invitation Creations & Selection
  • Cake Ordering & Ideas
  • Engagement Party & Direction 
  • Bridal Shower Planning
  • Baby Shower Planning
  • Holiday/Employment Planning
  • Birthday Party  & Direction
  • Creation of themes, color schemes, & details for event
  • Coordinate Rehearsals

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